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Welcome to my little place on the web! You've come a long way so why not explore my page?This website was originally an assignment for a class but I've grown to love it and intend to use it more.

Ever wonder what I've updated but can't tell? No? Well too bad! Jk, I probably just added/deleted something small. If you have any ideas/request to add onto my page lmk! I'll link my email into the contact part of this site.

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2/2/2024 SO... Finally added the about me page. Ignore how long it took... But anyways I'm updating the fanlisting's and prob gonna add more pages to this site 030 1/22/2024 Finished blog!! Went for darker theme for blog page. I had so many ideas for it but stuck with it. New kitty too ^_^ 1/15/2024 Added new cat. Most importantly, I added and deleted a couple things on homepage. Finally added a fanlisting section :3 (I was very happy when it got added) 1/7/2024 Finished homepage.

Welcome! Be nice and enjoy (*≧ω≦*)